As Chair of the GPCA Fertilizer Committee, I welcome both seasoned and potential new members to our web pages. Our committee was established on December 9th, 2009.

Ours is a rapidly expanding and evolving industry and fertilizers play a crucial role in the growth of crops, soil productivity and meeting food demand for the growing population of the world. Developing links between the GPCA and regional and international government authorities and communities with an interest in fertilizer issues is an essential part of the Fertilizer Committee’s scope of objectives. The Fertilizer Committee also recruits new industry peers and specialists in petrochemicals and chemicals to join the GPCA thus continually strengthening both our knowledge base and our network.

The Fertilizer Committee also creates subcommittees and task forces to discuss and action specific issues that the committee may deem appropriate. We aim to share and promote best practices in the fertilizer industry through workshops, seminars, conferences, and general networking among GPCA members.

I look forward to your participation at our next forum where we will continue to share and exchange information and review the latest advances in sustainability and innovation.


Dr. Abdul Rahman Jawahery
Chair of the Fertilizer Committee

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