Plastics Excellence Awards
Plastics Resin production is rapidly expanding in the Middle East, making the plastics conversion industry more significant in the region. With the high potential in plastics and its growing demand in the region, technology and innovation are crucial elements that will contribute to our welfare, resource efficiency and environmental protection.

In order to reward excellence in plastics products, plastics processes and environmental consciousness, GPCA launched the Plastics Excellence Awards in April 2011. This annual event also encourages young talents in plastics conversion by awarding a special prize for this category

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Waste Free Environment Day
Waste Free Environment Day is an environmental initiative taken up by GPCA to create awareness among people regarding recycling, and reuse of plastic products. It also focuses on the Plastics Industry’s belief in the responsible disposal of waste. It is through this campaign that the issue of littering is addressed.

The campaign was first launched in February 2013 under the name of “Clean Up the Gulf”. Throughout the event, various activities take place to create awareness among participants towards conserving the environment and reducing waste.
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The next Waste Free Environment Day will be held globally on February 22-26, 2015.

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