As Chair of the GPCA Plastics Committee, I welcome everyone to our section of the GPCA website.

This Committee was established in 2008 to enhance and promote the regional plastics industry and its products and services. It is an active plastics advocacy communicator for GPCA members both regionally and internationally.

Through relevant forums and workshops, the Committee promotes networking across the industry and shares ideas and information about plastics and polymers as well as relevant manufacturing industry data to GPCA members.

The Plastics Committee has catalyzed socially and environmentally responsible regional initiatives such as ‘Waste Free Environment Day’ that addresses the challenge of plastics litter on land in the marine, while linking our Gulf community to similar initiatives and projects worldwide.

In order to be an active participant and contributor to the regional plastics industry, the Committee welcomes your ideas and feedback and I personally look forward to meeting everyone at our next GPCA event.

Ahmed Omar Abdullah
Chair of the Plastics Committee.

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