The scope of the Research & Innovation Committee is to enhance the understanding and awareness on the importance of research and innovation (R&I) among GPCA member companies and to promote best practices in the management of R&I.


The Committee shall support the GPCA Board of Directors by discussing, analysing, seeking alignment on and recommending solutions to all issues of common interest and undertake activities & programs relevant to the promotion of R&I, based on the three strategic pillars of Effective Networking, Thought Leadership & Advocacy:

  1. 1- Inculcating a strong understanding of the R&I discipline and its critical role for strategic development within GPCA member companies and other associated stakeholders
  2. 2- Emphasising the importance of establishing links between R&I and business activities within member organizations
  3. 3- Sharing and advocating best practices in the management of R&I amongst GPCA members
  4. 4- Identifying research areas of common interest, such as projects associated with environmental protection, safety, analytical methodologies or any other topic of mutual interest leading to joint research programs beneficial to member companies on the condition that no antitrust issues are created
  5. 5- Enhancing links and cooperation between the GPCA member companies and regional and international universities and National Research Centers (and other similar research institutions)
  6. 6- Promoting a culture of innovation among GPCA member companies and regional and international universities and National Research Centers (and other similar research institutions)
  7. 7- Aligning, articulating and advising on general chemical and petrochemical R&I strategy in view of global and regional challenges and trends

Committee Structure

  1. 1- The structure of the Committee shall typically consist of members from GPCA full member and associate member companies. The precise composition will be by agreement  of the Committee Chair and GPCA Secretary-General
  2. 2- The Committee Chair shall be appointed by the GPCA Board for a period of 3 years
  3. 3- The Committee Vice-Chair shall be appointed by the Committee Chair for a period of three (3) years, upon the advice of the Secretary-General and/ or the Committee members
  4. 4- The nomination of Committee members shall be made by GPCA Member companies who will forward proposed names to the GPCA General Secretariat. The Committee Chair and the GPCA Secretariat will make the final selection from the nominees
  5. 5- Committee members are appointed for a term of three (3) years and may be reappointed to serve additional consecutive terms of three (3) years.  Should a member discontinue his/ her service with his/ her company during the appointed term, the company must nominate a replacement for consideration by the Chair
  6. 6- Members of the Committee are required to have over ten (10)  years of relevant industry experience and hold the position of senior executive
  7. 7- GPCA shall appoint a Secretary to assist the Committee in overseeing the functions and administration of its activities
  8. 8- The Committee will meet a minimum of three (3) times per year
  9. 9- The minimum quorum required for a Committee meeting shall be 50% of the total Committee member cohort number
  10. 10- Committee members are expected to attend all committee meetings. Failure to attend less than 2 meetings a year may result in the member being requested to relinquish their membership, at the discretion of the Committee Chair and GPCA Secretary-General
  11. 11- To implement the strategic business plan, specific objectives may benefit from the formation of a Sub-Committee(s) or Task-Force(s). If this is a requirement, the following conditions should be adhered to:
    • Each Sub-Committee/ Task-Force should have a charter with clear objectives, deliverables and milestones. The charter should be endorsed by the Committee
    • The Sub-Committee/ Task-Force Leader is responsible for reporting status to the Committee and for addressing any resulting concerns
    • The Sub-Committee/ Task-Force Leader is responsible for forming a competent team that will effectively complete the charter milestones. He/she may choose this team from amongst Committee members or relevant staff from member companies with the endorsement of the Committee

 Committee Member’s Responsibility:

  1. 1- Attend and actively participate in all Committee meetings and activities. If unable to attend, the member should inform the Secretary in advance of his/ her absence. Alternate representation from the company is not permitted at Committee meetings
  2. 2- Recommend agenda items for Committee meeting. Review and comment on Committee agendas, minutes and other Committee activities as requested
  3. 3- Keep his/ her company informed about the Committee’s activities and, as needed, secure company approval for the level of participation required
  4. 4- Volunteer and actively lead/ participate in Committee activities beyond the Committee meeting dates

Chair’s Responsibility:

  1. 1- Represent the Committee as a member of the GPCA Board and fulfill the reporting requirements as per this charter
  2. 2- Endorse the Committee meeting agendas ensuring it’s availability to all Committee members at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting
  3. 3- Preside at Committee meetings and networking events
  4. 4- Ensure cooperation with other GPCA Committees in the case of intersecting topic(s)

Vice-Chair’s Responsibility:

  1. 1- Preside at meetings when the Chair is absent
  2. 2- Develop, with the aid of the Committee’s Secretary, an agenda for each meeting
  3. 3- Support in managing the operations of the Committees’ activities
  4. 4- Support the Chair in reviewing and evaluating the effectiveness of the Committee to meet its strategic improvement plan, identifying areas for improvement
  5. 5- Support the Chair to review the Committee’s overall performance and that of individual members

Secretary’s Responsibility:

  1. 1- Keep the Committee calendar updated
  2. 2- Assist the Committee Chair/ Vice-Chair in the preparation of meeting agendas and disbursing approved agendas amongst Committee members
  3. 3- Prepare and issue minutes, actions and other records relating to Committee activities, in a timely manner
  4. 4- Manage the necessary logistics for Committee and Sub-Committee/ Task-Force meetings
  5. 5- Ensure that a minimum quorum of two-thirds of the Committee member cohort is maintained at meetings. If a quorum cannot be established, inform the Chair/ Vice-Chair to consider cancelling and/ or rescheduling the meeting
  6. 6- Advise and communicate with the Chair and members on matters of particular interest to the Committee, including cross-committee intersecting topics
  7. 7- Ensure the Committee is aware of and is following the GPCA Antitrust/ Competition policies and that the business of the Committee is conducted according to all applicable legal guidelines of the GPCA


  1. 1- The Committee will develop and present a three-year strategic plan utilizing the framework of the three GPCA pillars, namely Advocacy; Thought Leadership and Effective Networking. The plan shall identify current and future issues the Committee expects to address and identify specific resources required to successfully implement the plan
  2. 2- The plan shall be submitted to the GPCA Board for review and endorsement
  3. 3- Any significant deviations from the approved strategic plan shall be presented to the  GPCA Board for endorsement
  4. 4- Based on the strategic plan the Committee shall develop and report against a set of annual KPIs, typically based on the following options:
  • Effective Networking
    • Engagement of internal and external stakeholders (attendance levels)
    • Delegate feedback on content
    • Thought Leadership
      • Development of reports that add value to the GPCA membership base
      • Knowledge and best practice sharing
    • Advocacy
      • Development and communication of the industry’s position on key issues


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