I.   Authority

The Gulf Petrochemical and Chemicals Association (hereinafter “GPCA” or the “Association”) was formed on March 1, 2006. To fulfill GPCA’s mission and to achieve its aims and objectives, the GPCA Board of Directors is authorized under the GPCA Articles of Association to do all lawful things which may be conducive to the attainment of its aims and objectives. Because protection of people and the environment is of utmost importance to GPCA member companies, the Board has chosen to create the Responsible Care Committee (hereinafter the “Committee”) to aid in meeting GPCA’s aims and objectives.

II.   Mandate

  • The committee regards management of safety, security, health and the environment as an integral and very important part of the association. It believes that all injuries, occupational illnesses and environmental incidents can be prevented. Member organizations’ management is accountable for occupational health, safety and environmental performance, and all employees are expected to take personal responsibility and be involved in setting standards and improvement initiatives.
  • The Responsible Care Committee’s initiative is to promote continuous improvement in performance. It aims to achieve this objective by encouraging member organizations to meet and exceed legislative and regulatory compliance, and by adopting cooperative and voluntary initiatives with government and other stakeholders.
  • The Committee affirms Responsible Care as both ethical and core business initiative. This belief is based on building confidence and trust in the industry and to improve living standards and quality of life in the Gulf Region.


  1. Scope of the Committee

The scope of the Committee shall all be all Health , Safety, Security, and Environmental (HSSE) or Responsible Care issues that come before the Association. GPCA’s participation in Responsible Care initiatives shall be within the scope of the Committee.


IV.   Adherence to GPCA Antitrust/Competition Policy

  • The Committee shall in all of its activities respect and follow the GPCA policy to assure its activities are in compliance with all applicable antitrust and competition policy laws and regulations.
  • Any Committee member can raise objection with the Chairman where rules on conduct of Committee meetings are not complied with at meetings. In the event of any dispute in connection with interpretation of the rules on Committee meetings, the Secretary-General’s decision shall be binding.
  • No member will discuss pricing, production, transportation rates and market procedures of their companies at the meeting.
  • Members shall be vigilant at all time by preventing any matters not on the agenda to be discussed and to disassociate from discussion of such matters [including leaving any meeting where such issues are discussed and have this minuted prior to leaving the meeting.


V.   Purpose and Functions


The Committee shall support the Board of Directors by:

  • Discussing and analyzing all HSSE and other Responsible Care issues that comes before the GPCA. Requests to address various issues may originate within the Committee, come from the Board and other GPCA committees, from staff, from GPCA members or from outside the Association.
  • Recommending to the GPCA Board actions on all HSSE issues it judges worthwhile pursuing on behalf of GPCA. The GPCA Board of directors will evaluate such recommendations as part of GPCA’s prioritization process. The Committee will not work on HSSE issues without the Board’s approval.
  • The Committee as part of its recommendations to the Board will estimate the resources required for GPCA to carry out Committee recommendations on HSSE issues. In addition, the Committee will develop for Board review a three year strategic plan identifying future issues the Committee expects to address.
  • Creating such workgroups from the Committee membership as are necessary to effectively fulfill the Committee’s responsibilities
  • Developing and fostering relationships among GPCA members having an interest in HSSE and Responsible Care issues.
  • Compiling, sharing and exchanging resources, knowledge, opinions and experience on HSSE and Responsible Care issues among GPCA members.
  • Developing links between GPCA and those regional and international government authorities and communities with an interest in HSSE issues.
  • Sharing and promoting HSSE best practices in industries through workshops, seminars, conferences, and general networking among GPCA members.
  • Developing plans for workshops and training programs to address the needs of the Gulf petrochemicals and chemical industries.
  • Recruiting new industry peers and specialists in petrochemicals and chemicals to join GPCA.


VI.   Membership

  • The Committee shall consist of no more than 15 [fifteen] members from GPCA full member and associate member companies. The ratio of full member and associate member will be of a percentage of 70% full members and 30% associate members.
  • Nominations for the Committee shall be made by the members of GPCA addressed to the Secretary General. The application will be subject to the approval of the Chairman of Committee. No company shall have more than one representative on the Committee.
  • Members should be senior managers/ decision makers or above with five (5) or more years experience in the industry.
  1. Term of Office:
  • Committee members are appointed for a term of three years and may be reappointed to serve additional consecutive terms of three years. The Chairman may review the make-up of the Committee on an annual basis and implement any changes deemed appropriate including appointment of new members to replace old members to assure all full and associate members have an opportunity to be represented. The Board member can recommend a member from his company to the committee more than once if his tenure has expired. The Chairman may appoint members to positions which become vacant during the year, but provided that such nomination is discussed and endorsed at committee meetings. In all cases, the new member shall complete the tenure of his predecessor and such new member shall be eligible for re-election.
  • The Board shall nominate a member or a Board Member can sponsor a Committee to serve as Chairman. The Deputy Chairman is appointed by the Committee Chairman upon the advice and counsel of the Committee or Secretary General. The terms of office for the Chairman and Deputy Chairman shall be inline with the Board representation.
  • The Secretary General of the GPCA shall appoint a staff representative to act as a non-voting member and Secretary of the Committee.
  • In case of absence of the Committee Chairman and the Vice Chairman, Secretary General of GPCA will preside over the Committee Meeting.



VII. Responsibilities

The Chairman is responsible for:

  • Representing the Committee as a member of the GPCA Board and reporting to the Board on Committee activities as necessary.
  • Working with the Secretary to establish a time and place for each meeting of the Committee. The frequency of the meetings shall be minimum of three times per year. The preliminary budget for the coming year will be developed in September and put for Board approval in October of the preceding year.
  • Developing with the Secretary an agenda for each meeting which will be available to all Committee members at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting.
  • Presiding at meetings of the Committee and such Conferences for which the Committee may be responsible.
  • Representing the Committee by serving as a member of the GPCA Board of Directors.
  • Appointing members to serve on special task forces as may be required for the conduct of business.


The Deputy Chairman is responsible for:

  • Assisting the Chairman in carrying out duties and leading all operational and implementation plan for the committee on behalf of the Chairman.
  • Presiding at meetings when the Chairman is absent.
  • Performing such other duties as the Chairman may assign.


Committee members are responsible for:

  • Attending and participating in meetings of the Committee. The members will appoint the backups which will be approved by the Committee. If unable to attend, the member should inform the Secretary in advance of his absence.  Backups must come to the meeting with the same authority as the regular absenting member.
  • Participating in all activities of the Committee including serving on task forces and developing position papers and other documents as necessary.
  • Keeping their companies informed of Committee activities and assuring they have their company’s approval for the level of participation required.
  • Reviewing and commenting on Committee agendas, minutes and other Committee work products as requested.
  • The committee members will be evaluated based on their performance within the Committee Meetings and their involvements. The members lacking interest and participation will be replaced by other standby members. Failure to attend 2[two] or more meetings may result in dismissal from the Committee by the Chairman of the committee.


Secretary is responsible for:

  • Keeping the Committee calendar and roster and advising the Committee of upcoming meetings and other Committee business. Communications can occur via e-mail or any other system deemed appropriate by the Secretary.
  • Assisting the Committee Chairman in the preparation of meeting agendas and transmitting approved agendas to Committee members.
  • Assisting the Chairman in carrying out his duties.
  • Handling the Committee’s correspondence both internal and external.
  • Timely preparation and distribution of minutes and other records of the Committee.
  • Reserving meeting rooms and making necessary arrangements for Committee meetings including teleconferencing if the members agree to meet in that manner.
  • Assuring that a minimum quorum of 2/3[two third] majority is maintained at meetings. If a quorum cannot be obtained, the Secretary shall inform the Chairman and other members and cancel and/or reschedule the meeting.
  • Advising and communicating with the Chairman and members on matters of particular interest to the Committee.
  • Assuring the Committee is aware of and is following the GPCA Antitrust/Competition Policy and assuring that the business of the Committee is conducted according to all other applicable legal guidelines of GPCA.


VIII. Sources of Funding

  • The committee can have its own budget and can also finance it activities from the following revenues:
    • The participation fees for seminars, workshops and conferences as may be determined by the Board;
    • Any sponsorship or funding and contributions paid by any of the committee Members;
    • Any funding and contribution paid by any other parties provided such funding is approved by the Board of Directors of GPCA.

IX. Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

  • On-time completion of all action items.
  • Develop and deliver all the objectives as per the Board directives


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