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GPCA Chairman

The vision, cooperation and commitment of our members have created an association that is unique and over time has built a strong positive image in the gulf and beyond that we are proud to maintain and further enhance by re-affirming our commitment to initiatives like Responsible Care. As we move forward, we will face challenges that lie ahead, but with sheer commitment, which is a hallmark of our members, we will change these challenges into opportunities.

Mr. Yousef Al-Benyan
Vice Chairman & CEO of SABIC


GPCA Secretary General

Our Commitment has led us to continue our strides in journey towards Responsible Care implementation. ICCA has ranked GPCA as the top performing association amongst 57 member associations worldwide. This rendered GPCA as the youngest-ever member association to achieve this ranking within a short span of two years since adopting the initiative. This milestone speaks highly of the level of commitment we have for this initiative

Dr. Abdulwahab Al-Sadoun


Chair of the Responsible Care Committee

Responsible Care Committee practices what it preaches. Our members are committed and dedicated and believe in strong teamwork. We also believe in results. All these traits have resulted in a string of achievements which has not only benefitted our GPCA members but also GPCA at the regional as well as global level .

Warren Wilder
Vice President, Chemicals Saudi Aramco
Board Member of GPCA

GPCA would like to invite all our members to become part of this remarkable initiative which is primarily geared towards improvement in performance as well as in the living standards of the communities around us. GPCA has developed Responsible Care Guiding Principles to help member companies develop their Responsible Care program. In addition, commitments to various elements of the Global Charter ensure that our members are fully supportive of the program, which is strategic to the success of this program at GPCA. Please take a few moments to read through the following documents:

New RC Global Charter

Responsible Care Global Charter 2014

Responsible Care Global Charter Guide 2014

Responsible Care Global Charter FAQs


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