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Certification Audits

Responsible Care Management System Standard RC 14001 is built upon ISO 14001 Standard.

ISO 14001 is an Environmental Management System Standard. Other elements of Responsible Care, like Health, Safety and Security, are added to this standard. In addition, processes outside the fence line are also included in RC 14001 standard. Essentially RC 14001 covers all value chain elements.

Therefore if the scope of the certification audit is defined as RC 14001, there is no need to add ISO 14001 in the scope.
Some of the certification bodies will insist upon including ISO 14001 wording along with the RC 14001 scope. Members should refuse to add this in the scope.

Adding ISO 14001 in the scope of RC 14001 entitles the certification bodies to charge separate man-days for ISO 14001 whereas in fact RC 14001 man-days include ISO 14001 man-days as well. In reality, the certification body may charge double man-days just because of ISO 14001 wording in the RC 14001 scope.

Once the scope is defined as RC 14001, members can ask the certification body to issue ISO 14001 certificate upon completion of RC 14001 audit process. There will be nominal charges for issuance of this certificate.

In a nutshell, upon successful completion of RC 14001 certification audit process, members are advised not to go for ISO 14001 audit anymore. This will save substantial costs and, in fact, would reduce the high cost impact of RC 14001 certification.

Usually, the auditing firms are providing auditors from their overseas offices in USA or Europe where they have competent Responsible Care auditors. Members are requested to ask for the competency certificates from auditing firms, once they receive the list of auditors. Each and every member of the third-party audit team must be competent to perform the audit whether the audit is a Pre-Assessment or Assessment in nature.

RC 14001 certificate will be issued by the USA office of the auditing firm, even if they have developed local auditing capabilities. This is because of the fact that ANAB has only accredited these firms in USA.

Training and Auditing Firms

On behalf of American Chemistry Council (ACC), American National Accreditation Board (ANAB) oversees the implementation of Responsible Care Management System Standard RC 14001. This standard may be applied by any organization around the world.

There is another Standard, RCMS 2008, which is also owned by the American Chemistry Council. However, this standard is only applicable on ACC members in USA.

ACC has approved list of training providers as well as of Accreditation bodies which can provide general Responsible Care and Lead Auditor/Auditor training. However, if an organization does not intend to have their auditors sit for BEAC competency exam then even these training can be carried out by experienced Responsible Care professionals.

The lists of approved third-party accreditation firms and training service providers can be accessed by clicking the following links:


  Approved Certification Firms  

        Approved Training Firms

  RC14001 2013 Tech Spec Changes

List of companies which have achieved Certification:

Abu Dhabi Polymers Co. Ltd. (Borouge)

Advanced Petrochemical Company

Alujain Corporation

EQUATE Petrochemical Company

Farabi Petrochemicals Company

Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC)

Kuwait Aromatics Company

National Petrochemical Industrial Company (NATPET)

Petrochemical Industries Company (PIC)

Qatar Chemical Co Ltd (Q-Chem)

Qatar Fertilizer Co (QAFCO)

Qatar Vinyl Company (QVC)

Sahara Petrochemicals

Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC)*

Saudi International Petrochemical Company (Sipchem)


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