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The Gulf Petrochemicals & Chemicals Association’s (GPCA) Responsible Care Awards Program has been developed to recognize and share the experiences of the companies that exemplified leadership and outstanding performance based on the implementation and execution of the Responsible Care program.  The Awards Program has been initiated in the year 2013 and will continue to be a valuable tool when recognizing GPCA member companies’ achievements in Responsible Care.  Through this recognition, GPCA provides its members with opportunities to promote the Responsible Care brand while expanding business value.

GPCA’s Responsible Care Awards Program. The award will be based on a two-year cycle, thereby giving enough time for all participating companies in establishing and implementing programs , practices and codes which usually requires time and resources. There is only one award under the title of “GPCA Responsible Care Award” with three different categories.

  • Best Responsible Care Company – Top Member Company Award (1 winner)
    • Awarded to one Member Company to recognize total company involvement with Responsible Care Management System.
  • Best Responsible Care Champion (1 winner)
    • Awarded to one member company individual for demonstrating outstanding leadership in Responsible Care.
  • Best Responsible Care Project (1 winner)
    • Awarded to member companies which are making progress towards the Responsible Care projects related to either or all of the Codes of Management Practices. These projects could also be related to broader initiatives including, but not limited to, Water, Energy, Waste, etc. etc.

Profiling of the Award Winners

The winners of the best Responsible Care Award in all three categories will be given extensive and intensive coverage in all relevant media elements. Be the first to apply for this prestigious award by clicking the afore-mentioned hyperlinked award categories.

Winners of 2015 Responsible Care Awards

  1.        Best Responsible Care Company:
  2.        Best Responsible Care Champion:
  3.        Best Responsible Care Project: 


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