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The GPCA has developed Toolkits that are collections of various elements of Responsible Care Program put into resourceful use by developing step-by-step process to target each respective element of the program for the convenience of our members. The purpose of these Toolkits is to provide convenient access to material, processes, practices and expertise to facilitate program development and management activities which helps in improving productivity.

Lessons Learned Toolkit:
1. Lessons Learned Process
2. GPCA_lessons_learned_template
3. Lessons Learned Database

Performance Metrics (PM) Toolkit:
1. PM Guidance Document
2. Q&A
3. PM Reporting Form
4. PM Repors: 2010 – 2012 , 2013

RC Codes:
2. Distribution
3. Product Stewardship
4. Security
5. Health & Safety
6. Process Safety
7. Environmental Protection
8. Management Practices

RC Logo Usage Toolkit:
Pre-Requisites: GPCA Membership, SA and Action Plan Submittal
1. Logo Usage Criteria
2. RC Logo

Codes Self-Assessment (SA) Toolkit:
1.Codes Self Assessment Tool
2. Standerd SA
2. Code of practice GHS

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