1. The Supply Chain Committee (the “Committee”) is one of the working committees established by the Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association (GPCA) Board to address issues of common interest to Member Companies relevant to all aspects of Supply Chain.
  2. The Committee is committed to ensure continuous improvement and development in all aspects of this important sector by securing the necessary support from the GCC regions policy-makers and other key third-party stakeholders.
  3. The Committee will support and undertake activities and programs relevant to the promotion of all areas relating to supply chain and serve as the voice for GPCA members within regional and international entities.
  4. The scope of the Committee shall be all issues relevant to acquisition, movement and storage of petrochemicals and chemicals raw materials and movement and storage of products of member companies.

Adherence to GPCA Anti-Trust / Competition Policy:

  1. The Committee shall in all of its activities respect and follow the GPCA policy to ensure its activities are in compliance with all applicable anti-trust and competition policy laws and regulations.
  2. Any Committee member can raise an objection with the Chair if rules on conduct of Committee meetings are not observed at meetings.  In the event of any dispute in connection with interpretation of the rules on Committee meetings, the decision of the Secretary-General will be final.
  3. No member will discuss pricing, production, transportation rates and market procedures of their company at the meetings.


The Committee shall support the GPCA Board of Directors by:

  1. Discussing and analyzing all supply chain & logistic issues of petrochemical and chemical products that come before the GPCA. Requests to address various issues may originate from within the Committee, from the Board and other GPCA committees, from GPCA staff, from GPCA members or from outside the Association.
  2. Developing and fostering relationships among GPCA members having an interest in logistics issues.
  3. Compiling, sharing and exchanging resources, knowledge, opinions and experience on logistics issues among GPCA members.
  4. Developing links between GPCA and those regional and international government authorities and communities with an interest in logistics issues.
  5. Advocating and promoting logistics best practices in petrochemical and chemical industries through workshops, seminars, conferences, and general networking among GPCA members.


  1. The Committee will recommend to the GPCA Board of Directors actions on all supply chain issues it judges worthwhile pursuing on behalf of GPCA. The GPCA Board will evaluate such recommendations as part of GPCA’s prioritization process. The Committee will not work on major supply chain issues without the Board of Directors approval. For e.g. the Gulf SQAS initiative that has been initiated under the Committee as per the directive of the GPCA Board.
  2. The Committee will estimate the resources required for GPCA to carry out Committee recommendations on supply chain issues. In addition, the Committee will develop a three-year strategic plan identifying future issues the Committee expects to address and submit the same to the GPCA Board for review.
  3. The Committee will create such workgroups from the Committee membership as and when necessary to effectively fulfil the Committee’s responsibilities. This includes special workgroups, such as the Gulf SQAS Technical and Accreditation Task Force, comprising non Committee members. Such workgroups will report to the Committee.
  4. The Committee will assist the GPCA Secretariat in recruiting specialists in petrochemicals and chemicals to join the GPCA.

Structure of the Committee:

  1. The Committee shall consist of a maximum of 20 members from GPCA full member and associate member companies.  The representation of full members shall be no less than 60%.  The minimum quorum required for a Committee meeting shall be two-thirds of the total Committee member cohort number.
  2. Further to 1. above, at the discretion of the Board, the Committee may have a maximum of one member who is not employed by a GPCA member company, but is an expert in Supply Chain and has extensive petrochemicals and chemicals industry experience in the GCC region.
  3. The Chair shall be appointed by the GPCA Board for a period of 3 years.
  4. The Vice-Chair shall be appointed by the Committee Chair upon the advice of the Secretary-General and/or the Committee members.  The term of office for the Vice-Chair shall be three years.
  5. The nomination of Committee members shall be made by GPCA Member companies who will forward proposed names to the GPCA General Secretariat.  The Committee Chair and the GPCA Secretariat will shortlist the candidates.  All membership applications will be subject to the approval of the Committee Chair.
  6. Members of the Committee are required to have relevant supply chain and chemical industry experience and to be senior executives with over ten (10)  years’ experience in the industry
  7. Committee members are appointed for a term of three (3) years and may be reappointed to serve additional consecutive terms of three years.  Should a member discontinue his/her service with his/her company during the appointed term the company must nominate a replacement for consideration by the Chair.
  8. GPCA shall appoint a Secretary to assist the Committee in overseeing the functions and administration of its activities.
  9. The Committee will meet a minimum of three (3) times per year.


Member’s Responsibility:

  1. To attend and participate in all meetings of the Committee.  If unable to attend, the member should inform the Secretary in advance of his / her absence.  Failure to attend more than two (2) meetings in a twelve month period may result in dismissal from the committee by the Chair.  If a member is unable to attend a meeting, alternate representation from the company is not permitted.
  2. Recommend items for Committee meeting agendas.  Review and comment on Committee agendas, minutes and other Committee work projects as requested.
  3. Keep his / her company informed about the Committee’s activities and secure company approval for the level of participation required.

Chair’s Responsibility:

  1. Represent the Committee as a member of the GPCA Board and report to the Board on Committee activities as necessary.
  2. Developing, in cooperation with the Secretary, an agenda for each meeting that will be available to all Committee members at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting (extraordinary meetings excepted).
  3. Presiding at meetings of the Committee and such Conferences for which the Committee may be responsible.
  4. Appointing members to serve on special task forces as may be required for the conduct of business of the Committee.
  5. Annually review the Committee’s performance and strategies and monitor the strategic direction of GPCA’s supply chain related programs.
  6. Ensure cooperation with other GPCA Committees with an intersecting agenda.
  7. To endorse the appointment of Committee members

Vice-Chair’s Responsibility:

  1. Assisting the Chair to fulfil their duties.
  2. Develop, with the aid of the Committee’s Secretary, an agenda for each meeting that will be available to all Committee members at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting (extraordinary meetings may be an exception).
  3. Preside at meetings when the Chair is absent.
  4. Support managing the operations of the Committees’ activities and projects.
  5. Reviewing and evaluating the members’ performance and updating the Chair once a year regarding the outcome of this review.
  6. Performing such other duties as the Chair may assign.

Secretary’s Responsibility:

  1. Keeping the Committee calendar and roster and advising the Committee of upcoming meetings and other Committee business. Communications can occur via e-mail or any other system deemed appropriate by the Secretary (after due agreement with the Committee Chair).
  2. Assisting the Committee Chair in the preparation of meeting agendas and transmitting approved agendas to Committee members.
  3. Handling the Committee’s internal and external correspondence.
  4. Timely preparation and distribution of minutes and other records of the Committee.
  5. Reserving meeting rooms and making necessary arrangements for Committee meetings.
  6. Ensuring that a minimum quorum of two-thirds of the Committee member cohort is maintained at meetings. If a quorum cannot be obtained, the Secretary shall inform the Chair and other members and cancel and/or reschedule the meeting.
  7. Advising and communicating with the Chair and members on matters of particular interest to the Committee.
  8. Ensuring the Committee is aware of and is following the GPCA Antitrust/Competition Policy and that the business of the Committee is conducted according to all other applicable legal guidelines of the GPCA.

Gulf SQAS Technical and Accreditation Task Force:

The Gulf SQAS Technical and Accreditation Task Force, herein referred to as “the Task Force”, will report directly to the Committee, which will act as the Steering Committee on all matters related to the Gulf SQAS initiative of the GPCA.

The Committee will perform the following roles and responsibilities:

  1. Propose and implement policy and strategy for the Task Force to follow
  2. Ensure system integrity and principles are always adhered to
  3. Consider and approve changes to Gulf SQAS Guidelines and Accreditation Manual(s)
  4. Consider and approve proposals from the Task Force
  5. Propose the cost structure and funding requirements to the GPCA Board for approval

The Task Force will perform the following roles and responsibilities:

  1. Develop revisions of  Gulf SQAS questionnaires and guidelines
  2. Manage Gulf SQAS Database and Developer Interface
  3. Train, accredit and monitor Gulf SQAS assessors
  4. Set-up system processes and documentation for Gulf SQAS and ensure its promotion to all relevant stakeholders
  5. Create, manage and keep up to date the Gulf SQAS website


The Committee shall

  1. Regularly report to GPCA Board about Committee activities and issues that arise with respect to the performance of the Committee.
  2. Provide an open avenue of communication with the GPCA Secretariat and other committees.
  3. Develop a three-year strategic plan and identify pressing issues the Committee expects to address.
  4. Review and reassess the adequacy of this Charter annually and recommend any proposed changes to the Board for approval.
  5. Advise the Board on supply chain issues that require consideration by the full Board.

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