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Responsible Care® is the global chemical industry’s unique initiative to improve health, environmental performance, enhance security and to communicate with stakeholders about products and processes.

GPCA adopted Responsible Care® in 2009 and since then the majority of its members have embedded the initiative in their daily operations, with 35 percent of GPCA’s full members having obtained certification for the Responsible Care® Management System Standard or RC 14001. The International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA), which addresses the Responsible Care® initiative on a global level, ranked GPCA as the top performing association amongst 57 associations, for the implementation of the Responsible Care® initiative two years in a row.

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Gulf SQAS (Sustainability & Quality Assessment System) is a system to evaluate the environmental, health, safety, security and quality performance of Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) in a uniform manner by single standardised assessments carried out by independent assessors using a standard questionnaire. An SQAS assessment does not lead to a certificate but offers a detailed factual report which each chemical company needs to evaluate according to its own requirements.

Initiated by CEFIC in 1994, GPCA adopted the Gulf SQAS program in 2013 when 29 CEOs of our Full Member Companies signed the Declaration of Support, committing to adhere to the principles of Gulf SQAS. Since then, a growing number of chemical companies are now encouraging their LSPs to perform assessments and working with them to implement improvements.



In accordance with the Responsible Care® guiding principles and Gulf SQAS, GPCA have established a framework agreement with CHEMTREC, a subsidiary of the American Chemistry Council, to provide emergency support services for GPCA Member companies. This service provides coverage for all manufactured chemical and petrochemical products, being transported anywhere in the world, in particular relating to the carriage of dangerous goods and hazardous materials.

CHEMTREC’s worldwide services include a broad range of critical resources that can help on-scene personnel, such as emergency responders, mitigate incidents involving dangerous goods, including:

  • CHEMTREC worldwide coverage area, including the Middle East region and GCC countries
  • An operations center staffed by trained and experienced emergency service specialists, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Immediate access to thousands of chemical product specialists and hazardous materials experts through CHEMTREC’s database of over 30,000 manufacturers, carriers, public organizations and private resources;
  • An expansive electronic library of over 6 million Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  • Immediate hotline access to medical professionals and toxicologists to provide expert toxicological advice in conference with on-site medical professionals or emergency medical technicians treating exposure victims
  • In-Country Dial telephone numbers in over 60 key countries around the world including some GCC countries, which can be critical in complying with new regulations requiring in-country phone numbers in a growing number of jurisdictions. Each in-country telephone number has a greeting in the local language to assist the caller and explain how CHEMTREC will provide the required support. *Due to telephone carrier restrictions (or local restrictions) In-Country Dial numbers are not available in certain countries
  • Interpretation capabilities for more than 200 languages
  • A state-of-the-art telecommunications system that supports the virtual emergency response team, seamlessly linking on-scene responders with chemical experts, transportation companies, and product manufacturers

Why should you have an Emergency Response Information Support?

  • Requirement of Responsible Care®
  • Requirement of Gulf SQAS
  • Mitigate impact on health and environment
  • Protect your brand and company reputation
  • Provide critical support for supply chain partners and customers
  • Resource for disaster recovery and business continuity planning

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