Endorsement of your company ’s application by GPCA entails your company ’s agreement to abide by GPCA ’s Articles of Association, which are outlined at GPCA website ( Following the endorsement of this application, your company will enjoy a comprehensive access to exclusive membership benefits, including networking opportunities, access to workshops and training at privileged rates, access to global knowledge and industry relevant databases, etc. (Please use CAPITALS when filling this membership application form)

Company Details

Company Profile


Contact Person Details

The Contact Person will be referred to as the 'Official Representative.' She/he will serve as the member company's principal link with GPCA. Main responsibilities will include:

  • Official contact for all kinds of correspondence with the proper person(s).
  • Pay membership dues punctually.
  • Synchronize any company-wide surveys/questionnaires.

The Official Representative will receive the user name and password for the "Members Section" at GPCA website, which entails access to agendas, minutes, reports, studies and other industry relevant information, as soon as your company becomes officially registered as a member.

Alternate Contact Person

Membership Fees

Full Members
Regional Petrochemicals Producers More Than 100 KTA within the Gulf
Annual Fee (USD)  15,000.00
Associate Members
International Producers
Annual Fee (USD)   5,000.00
Gulf Producers < 100 KTA
Annual Fee (USD)   5,000.00
Service Providers for Petrochemicals Producers
Annual Fee (USD)   4,000.00
Business Partners
Annual Fee (USD)   2,000.00


This is to certify that the information contained in this application is true, and hereby agrees that if this application is approved, our company herewith confirms that it commits itself to comply with GPCA's Articles of Association and by-laws.


GPCA may request member companies to provide certain data that could be shared with all member companies to benefit from. It should be pointed out that GPCA respects your privacy and values your goodwill. In addition, the personal data you have provided will be used for GPCA's purposes only.


For any question regarding GPCA membership, please contact: Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association 123055, 1601 & 1602, Vision Tower, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE. Telephone: +971 4 451 06 66 Ext. 122 Fax: +971 4 451 07 77
I have read the above notes carefully and, thereby, agreed on its terms.
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