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GPCA and AT Kearney released region’s first ever sustainability report on the chemicals industry during the GPCA Sustainability Conference this week

Dubai, United Arab Emirates; October, 2014: The GCC petrochemical and chemical industry is set to reach an important milestone in its sustainability journey with its first ever industry sustainability report.  To be launched at the 2nd GPCA Sustainability Conference, which will take place in Dubai on 22-23 October, the report has been developed by the Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association (GPCA), with management consulting firm A.T. Kearney and includes key social, environmental and economic performance indicators.

The report, titled ‘Building a Sustainable future in the Arabian Gulf’, is an in-depth study of the practices of 21 regional chemical producers, accounting for 85% of the region’s petrochemical output by volume. It aims to provide a holistic picture of the strategies and initiatives of the major players in the region and offers a deep-dive into sustainability practices along the supply chain from cradle-to-cradle – from the development to the recycling of the product. The report will be published in both Arabic and English and details the three pillars of sustainability: planet, people and profit.

Outlining the report’s vision, Dr. Abdulwahab Al- Sadoun, GPCA’s Secretary-General Abdulwahab Al-Sadoun said: “From the very beginning, the GCC chemical industry has placed emphasis on the coherence of sustainability and economic viability. The GPCA’s first sustainability report allows us to continue to drive the sustainability agenda. By reporting on aggregated targets, we will encourage individual producers to take firm, transparent steps in providing solutions to the most challenging societal and environmental issues of today.”

“Our study of the sustainability practices of the industry reveals that major producers are very ambitious and proactively moving towards improving their ‘triple bottom line’  on the social, environmental and economic fronts.  While there may today be gaps to global sustainability leaders on some fronts regional players are catching up and even exceeding them on some dimensions” said Dan Starta, Managing Partner, A.T. Kearney Middle East.

Supported by GPCA’s Responsible Care initiative, which monitors health, safety and environmental performance, the report has found that chemicals producers in the Arabian Gulf are now measuring and reporting on the most crucial sustainability metrics: 70% of the region’s petrochemical producers have an official sustainability policy, with 60% of companies establishing targets into their corporate strategy.

Additionally, petrochemicals companies in the GCC are playing a leading role in the area of social sustainability, demonstrating world-class health and safety records and with ambitious talent development and social initiates in place. “Taking responsibility for the wellbeing of the communities in which producers operate has a long tradition in the Gulf region. Producers in the region can be proud of their engagement and achievements in the areas of talent development and employee and community wellbeing,” said Dr. Al-Sadoun.

The report also demonstrates that, in terms of environmental performance, Gulf producers have made significant progress in the reduction of resource consumption as well as emission and waste. In particular, regional petrochemical companies have made significant progress in the conservation of water by recycling process water and reusing it in the manufacturing cycle. However, in terms of greenhouse gas emission and energy intensity, they are not yet at the level of international producers, with waste being regarded as one of the main challenges by the Arabian Gulf producers.



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