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GPCA holds first of its kind workshop in the region

GPCA’s Human Factors Workshop, held in Abu Dhabi on 26-27 April, was first of its kind for the GCC region and GPCA members. Experts from the GCC and Europe shared insights on the topic in relation to sustaining environmental, health and safety performance by reducing risk from human error during the life-cycle of capital assets, from design, construction, operations and logistics.

Speakers shared their experiences and thought-provoking ideas to cater for the needs of humans within the occupational environment. They emphasized the need to pay consideration to risk factors from as early as the design phase and to make safety requirements part of the project.

The Workshop was attend by 115 delegates from seven countries across the GCC and Europe. The six conference sessions looked at various success stories from the region and beyond where human factors have played a pivotal role in improving working conditions and overall organizational culture. There was a special emphasis on barrier management, used to ensure safe operation of plants by quantifying risks levels, and behavioral-based safety (BBS).

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