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GPIC hosts GPCA workshop

The Gulf petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC) recently hosted a workshop titled “DENOX- towards a cleaner ambient air in the GCC” which was aimed at enhancing the awareness about the Nitrous Oxide NOx emissions which are considered as the main air pollutant in industrialized countries and the various technologies available to reduce these emissions.

The event, at the Westin City Centre Hotel, was organised by the Gulf Petrochemical and Chemical Association (GPCA). Around 60 participants from several of the region’s petrochemical companies along with representatives of concerned authorities in government, educational institutions and other companies attended.

Qatar Fertilizer Company Vice Chairman and CEO Mr. Khalifa Al Suwaidi and Supreme Council for Environment Chief Executive Dr. Mohammed Bin Dinah, along with GPIC President Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery were present at the opening of the workshop. GPCA Secretary General Dr. Abdulwahab Al-Sadoun and Oman Fertilizer Company General Director Mr. Hamad bin Hamoud Al Hashmi, also attended.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Al-Sadoun thanked the GPIC and Dr. Jawahery for their efforts in ensuring the success of various GPCA-organised events.He welcomed those attending and said they should make the most of the opportunity by interacting with one another and sharing experiences.

He stressed that the workshop is one of a series of events the GPCA wished to organise to educate and promote awareness amongst those interested in the fertilizer business, especially in air pollutants like nitrogen oxides and provide them with appropriate solutions to get rid of such pollutants.

Mr. Al Suwaidi also thanked the GPIC and Dr. Jawahery for hosting the workshop and stressed on the importance of discussing methods to rid the air of pollutants in general and ways of removing nitrogen oxide in particular. He said the event would have a positive impact on the fertilizer industry and sustainability, especially in the Gulf region.

Dr. Jawahery, welcoming the guests, said he hoped they would take advantage of the workshop, wishing them a pleasant stay in Bahrain. He spoke about the importance of the role of the fertilizer industry in achieving food security and the importance and prestige gained by the Arabian Gulf region in supplying the world with the necessary soil nutrients. He said the Gulf region is one of the largest exporters of chemical fertilizer. He said he hoped the total production of chemical fertilizers by affiliated companies under the GPCA umbrella would eventually exceed 100 million metric tons per year in the near future.

Dr. Jawahary also spoke about the importance of taking into account the environment protection issues in the midst of the on-going industry expansion in the region. He stressed companies should never overlook the importance of environmental care and preservation.

Participants expressed their satisfaction at attending the event and said it discussed several vital topics of great interest to those working in the industry.

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