This report is an in-depth study that surveys major trends across the agriculture, food, energy and petrochemical industries. The report was released during the 5th Annual GPCA Fertilizer Convention in September 2014. It covers details on the GCC’s export-oriented fertilizers industry and the role it has in fortifying global food security. In addition, it provides information on the Gulf’s fertilizers capacity and growth rate due to new trends in the region.


Table of contents

Food security

1.1. Global Food Security

1.2 Possible Solutions for Improving Food Security

1.3 Fertilizer Production and The Middle East’s Role in Global Food Security

1.4 Conclusions


1 Relative Nutrient Application of Different Crops, 2012

2 Fertilizer Value Chain

3 Global Population Growth

4 Global Proven Natural Gas, P2O5 and K Reserves (2013)

5 Gas Reserves Distribution of the Middle East, 2013

6 Global Ammonia Capacity, 2014

7 Regional Ammonia Capacity Development

8 Global Urea Net-Trade Flow, 2012

9 Historic Ammonia Cash Cost Margins

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