This publication is the first of its kind report produced by the GPCA. It was released during the 5th Annual GPCA Fertilizer Convention in September 2014. The report provides historical background and comprehensive insight on the growth and development of the regional fertilizers industry and an indepth analysis of the industry’s landscape. It also touches on the GCC Fertilizers Industry’s global position in three main fertilizers products: urea, ammonia and ammonium phosphate (DAP). In addition, the report provides data on exports, employment and sales revenue.


Table of contents

About Fertilizers

Section 1: GCC Fertilizer Industry Landscape

1.1. Evolution of the Industry

1.2. The Industry’s Economic Contribution

1.3. Capacity Breakdown: by Country

1.4. Capacity Breakdown: by Product

1.5. Capacity Expansion (2014 – 2019)

Section 2: GCC Fertilizer Industry’s Global Position

2.1. Overview of Global Urea Production

2.2. Overview of Global Ammonia Production

2.3. Overview of Global DAP Production

Section 3: GCC Fertilizer Trade Balance

3.1. Fertilizer Export: by Product & Volume

3.2. Fertilizer Export: by Origin & Destination

Section 4: GCC Fertilizer Industry Employment

Section 5: GCC Fertilizer Industry Sales Revenue

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