GPCA’s second Responsible Care Performance Metrics report was released during the 2nd GPCA Sustainability Conference in october 2014. The report covers all 21 metrics set by GPCA, including data from 40 GPCA member companies. The report identifies company strengths in the areas of environment and health & safety, and helps in determining the way forward in areas of improvement, in addition to a detailed analysis on several key indicators. During the past four years, the GPCA Performance Metrics has gone from reporting 11 metrics to 21 and now has over 820 inputs, an increase of 350% since its inception in 2010.


Table of contents

Occupational Health and Safety 5

Process Safety 9

Emissions and Discharges 13

– Program to Achieve 20% CO2-eq. Emission

– Reduction by 2023

– Success Story: Q-Chem Introduces Flaring 16

– Reduction Program

– Success Story: Al Bayroni, Boiler Rehabilitation Project 17

– Success Story: GPIC Introduces Flaring 18

– Reduction Program

Resource Utilization 19

– Success Story: Waste Minimization at NAMA Chemicals 21

Distribution 23

– Success “Beyond the Fence”: PIC Supports the 25

– Kuwait Green Wall Initiative

Challenges 27

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