Released each year during GPCA’s Annual Forum, GPCA’s annual Facts and Figures report is core to GPCA’s efforts to communicate regional industry’s performance and contribution to sustainable development. The publication brings together a collection of data and statistics from member companies as well as regional and international entities. It provides comprehensive and thorough information and analysis on the industry’s performance in 2014 and contains information on wide ranging subjects including production capacity, employment, trade and the GCC’s global position. A summary of the report is available in Arabic.


Table of contents

– About the chemical industry

– GCC chemical industry in 2013: key numbers

– Economic contribution of the GCC chemical industry

– GCC chemical production capacity by product

– GCC chemical production capacity by country

– GCC chemical capacity utilization

– GCC chemical industry’s performance in a global context

– GCC chemical trade

– Employment in the chemical industry

– GCC petrochemicals industry sales revenue

– Number of chemical patents issued in the GCC in 2012

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