This statistical report produced independently by GPCA offers an analysis of the plastics industry landscape in the GCC in 2014 with a wide focus on polymer market data. It was launched at GPCA PlastiCon 2015. The report demonstrates how the GCC polymer industry was able to continue its growth in 2014 and covers the industry’s growth and diversification into high-value-added produces and how this is associated with both direct and indirect job creation.


Table of contents

– GCC Polymer Industry’s Landscape

1.1 Polymers capacity: Breakdown by breakdown by product, utilization, expansion and diversification

– GCC Polymer Consumption

2.1 Polymers consumption: Breakdown by product, Breakdown by country, by end-user industry segment

– GCC Polymer Trade

– Employment

– GCC Polymer Sales Revenue

– GCC Plastic Research & Innovation Landscape

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