The fertilizer segment is one of the largest in the GCC’s chemical industry, representing 28% of its total regional capacity. This statistical report independently produced by GPCA on the occasion of the GPCA Fertilizer Convention in September 2015 includes a wide range of information about fertilizers and highlights the economic contribution of the fertilizer industry in the GCC. It also provides an overview of the GCC fertilizer export markets and touches on the GCC fertilizer industry’s global production in urea, ammonia and ammonium phosphate (DAP). In addition, the report provides data on sales revenues and employment.


Table of contents

– About fertilizers

– Economic contribution of GCC fertilizer Industry

– GCC fertilizer production capacity

– GCC mainstream fertilizers

– Fertilizer nutrients

– Fertilizer intermediates

– Specialty fertilizers

– Capacity utilization

– GCC fertilizer capacity expansion

– Overview of global -/ ammonia production, urea production, DAP production, phosphate rock reserves, global sulfur production

– GCC fertilizer trade by country

– GCC fertilizer trade by destination

– Overview of GCC fertilizer export markets

– Employment in GCC fertilizer industry

– Sales revenue

– Future outlook

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