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Buoyed by the recent uptake in assessments under the Gulf Sustainability and Quality Assessment System (Gulf SQAS) program, the Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association (GPCA) has launched a new Tank Cleaning module, the third such module after Transport Services and Warehouse.

The Transport Services module was successfully launched in 2014 and the Warehouse Module in 2015, leading to a step change in the quality of road transport and warehousing operations, particularly relating to dangerous goods.

With a number of tank cleaning stations having been recently launched, or currently under construction in the GCC, the module is coming live at an important time for the region.

The number of regional logistics companies undertaking assessments is growing with each passing month, improving the standards and sustainability of chemical logistics in the GCC.

The program experienced a 160% increase year on year in the number of assessments undertaken throughout 2016.

Seven regional assessors have also been trained and feedback from regional logistics companies which have completed an assessment has been extremely positive.

After the module’s pilot phase was successfully completed, GPCA has prepared a special questionnaire in both English and Arabic which are available for download here.

The scope of the Tank Cleaning Questionnaire includes the cleaning of tanks involved in the movement of liquids and solids, including dangerous goods, as well as the maintenance, handling and storage of such tanks.

This vital service contributes to a more sustainable supply chain in a number of ways, including but not limited to:

  • Preserving product quality by ensuring the effective cleaning of tanks when changing use, therefore, eliminating the risk of contamination or reactions.
  • Ensuring a safe working environment for employees and drivers.
  • Minimising the use of valuable, natural resources including water and fuels.
  • Minimising waste production.
  • Ensuring safe handling and storage of loaded and empty tanks.
  • Improving facilities for effective maintenance of tanks.

So what next for GPCA’s new Tank Cleaning module?

Owners or operators of a tank cleaning station can now undertake an assessments by contacting GPCA’s partnering certification bodies who would help them develop a factual report on their operations, establish an Improvement Action Plan and ultimately improve their EHSS&Q standards.