The industry data released as part of GPCA’s 2016 GCC Fertilizer Industry Indicators encompasses a wide range of areas, including production capacity growth, employment figures, sales revenue, and international trade, among others. The report also offers strategic insight into the regional and global industry landscape, highlighting key trends impacting the sector currently, and the challenges and opportunities moving forward.


Table of contents

– The GCC fertilizer industry in numbers

– Global industry landscape: Key trends impacting the sector, fertilizer policy changes

– Feedstock as a key enabler

– Economic contribution of the GCC fertilizer industry:

Sales revenue, Employment

– GCC capacity growth: Breakdown by country, Breakdown by product, Capacity expansion

– Global position: GCC share in global production, GCC share in global fertilizer sales

– GCC fertilizer trade: Export by volume and value, Export by origin and destination, Share in global exports

– GCC fertilizer industry outlook

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