Press releases

In December 2017, GPCA was invited to SABIC’s main premises in Jubail to meet with senior SABIC executives, and highlight some of the key initiatives and projects spearheaded by the association.

The meeting opened with welcome remarks by Ahamd Al Sheik, EVP Manufacturing, SABIC. Members of GPCA Secretariat delivered a two-hour presentation covering the current initiatives and programs that GPCA is championing in the region and globally.

These included a full overview of GPCA working committees activities, GPCA industry programs Responsible Care and Gulf SQAS in addition to other important initiatives such as Leaders of Tomorrow, GPCA Legacy Initiative and Award, and Waste Free Environment, a global event and an important environmental campaign launched by GPCA in 2013 that promotes recycling and encourages a more responsible attitude toward litter disposal.

The meeting stimulated the exchange of ideas and discussions that were welcomed by both GPCA and SABIC. GPCA will be looking at conducting more outreach activities for member companies this year to build on this important initiative and encourage more collaboration.