The report developed with Boston Consulting Group looks at transformation opportunities for the GCC region in their aspiration to improve competitiveness and support the economic development of the region. The report suggests that consolidation can be a route to transformation for GCC producers. Industry consolidation will help GCC producers build strategic, operational and capability-based foundations, the report says.


Table of contents

Executive summary

– Section I: Consolidation in the global petrochemical business

  1. Introduction – role of consolidation in value creation
  2. Value creation in the chemicals sector
  3. State of global petrochemical M&A landscape
  4. Consolidation as a catalyst for transformation

– Section II: Implication of consolidation on GCC producers

  1. Challenges facing GCC petrochemical producers
  2. Imperative for consolidation in GCC producers
  3. Scenarios for potential consolidation
  4. Tips for successful consolidation

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