Press releases

GPCA has launched the first of its kind in the region Responsible Care Codes of Management Practices self-assessment tool, allowing members to record and benchmark their performance.

The new centralized platform is designed for individual companies’ self-assessment of RC codes implementation and compliance and benchmarking against other companies’ results.

In addition to the self-assessment tool, members can also benefit from the following features within the same platform: extract their very own self-assessment report, share success stories and lessons learnt, track the status of required actions.

A number of benefits can be derived from carrying out self-assessment. First, self-assessment can enable long-term organization growth; it can expose areas of strengths and weaknesses, and provide quick analysis of results.

Achieving increased self-awareness can also enable employees to take a more objective look at the organization’s performance.

GPCA has recently updated its Responsible Care Codes of Management Practices covering all economic, environmental and social aspects of the chemical industry’s interface with the environment in which it operates.

The Responsible Care Codes of Management Practices are seven and have been listed here as follows: “Community awareness and emergency response code”, “Distribution code”, “Product stewardship code”, “Security code”, “Health and safety code”, “Process safety code” and “Environmental protection code”.