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GPCA celebrates decade of Responsible Care progress

It is almost 10 years since GPCA adopted the Responsible Care program. GPCA Insight looks at the highlights from along its exciting journey and what experts have to say about its performance in adoption and implementation

GPCA adopted Responsible Care in December 2009 in line with its commitment to continually advance the sustainability agenda in the region’s chemical industry and ensure that, as the sector grows, continuous improvement of management of environment, health, safety and security remains at the forefront of priorities.

Responsible Care is obligatory for GPCA full member companies, an essential element of an organization’s license to operate. At the heart of Responsible Care is the idea of improvement in the light of new information, new technology, new expectations and constant reassessment of performance and objectives.

“What the Responsible Care Committee has done is bring all 33 member companies together in one room, for when it comes to health, safety and the environment the leadership of the petrochemical industry in the GCC has recognized that there is nothing called competition, only knowledge sharing and learning.”
Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery, President, GPIC, and Vice Chairman, GPCA

“GPCA has been a model association with regards to Responsible Care implementation”
Debra Phillips, Vice President, Sustainability and Market Outreach, ACC

Debra Phillips, Vice President, Sustainability and Market Outreach at the American Chemical Council (ACC), comments that: “Since joining Responsible Care in 2009, GPCA has had a strong and active presence in promoting Responsible Care in the Arabian Gulf region and beyond. GPCA has been a model association with regards to Responsible Care implementation, progressing beyond its initial projected implementation path.

“In its fourth year of membership, GPCA achieved the coveted ‘Beyond Implementation’ status, which means the association achieved milestones listed in the five to 10 year implementation category ahead of schedule. GPCA has established a performance reporting program and capacity building program, and provides assistance to other regional associations in implementing Responsible Care.”

Patrick Vandenhoeke, Chairman of the ICCA Responsible Care Leadership Group and Vice President of Corporate Government & Public Affairs at Solvay, adds that: “When I reflect on the extensive coverage of GPCA’s Responsible Care Program, there are too many to cover.

“However, I would like to highlight a few standout elements delivered in such a short period of time, such as the efficiency, coverage and transparency of GPCA’s performance reporting; the breadth of technical coverage at the various capacity building events; recent advocacy efforts; and the focus on what is a critical aspect of Responsible Care, namely proactive sharing and learning.

“Responsible Care is a way of making businesses more sustainable and in the long term making them more profitable as well.”
Teresa Budworth, Chief Executive, NEBOSH, UK

Currently, all manufacturing members of GPCA have adopted Responsible Care and more than 70% of members have already undergone the independent RC14001 third-party certification.

By adopting Responsible Care, companies commit formally to transparent reporting of their performance, achievements and shortcomings; listening, engaging and collaborating with people to understand and address their concerns and expectations; and cooperating with governments and organizations in the development and implementation of effective regulations and standards.