The GCC fertilizer market has been growing over the past five decades with an increase in production capacity and an evolving product portfolio. Market growth has been largely driven by world-class infrastructure and favorable supply chain, proximity to burgeoning fertilizer markets in Asia, multiple leading-edge technology providers, increased fertilizer demand and the abundance of natural resources. To sustain future growth, GCC fertilizer producers identify the need for the development of new fertilizer markets with robust fundamentals.

To further understand the dynamics of the GCC fertilizer market, the ‘GCC Fertilizer Market Outlook’ report offers in-depth information on the GCC fertilizer market challenges and opportunities. Detailed market analysis, macroeconomic assumptions, supply, demand and trade data are all available in the report and evaluated for each GCC country. The report covers different types of fertilizer products that are major players in the GCC market. These products include ammonia, urea, DAP, MAP and NPK. In effort to showcase each GCC country contribution, the report offers type fertilizer data on several indicators including production, consumption, operating rates and trade.