Ethylene represents the largest olefin market in the world and is an important petrochemical building block. The GCC is a world leading ethylene producer and has seen dramatic growth over the past decades, supporting the expansion of the chemical industry in the region. With that, GCC ethylene production is one of the most competitive worldwide with other region’s challenging its market position. To further understand the current state of the GCC and global ethylene markets, producers need to look at current and future growth dynamics, global and regional feedstock mix and consumption trends.

GPCA produced the first of its kind regional report on the ethylene market called ‘Ethylene: A Litmus Test for the Chemical Industry’. The report offers a comprehensive global and regional analysis on key future trends, challenges and opportunities for ethylene market growth in the GCC and the world. The report addresses ethylene consumption drivers and provides an overview of the main end-user industries driving ethylene demand. It also offers an in-depth study of GCC ethylene demand by derivative with important insights on past and future trends. Finally, it outlines strategic considerations for GCC ethylene producers – a key chapter for readers in the GCC region.