The Sino-Saudi collaboration highlights the growth of the GCC chemical industry as the region establishes strategic and mutually beneficial relationships.  In effort to support greater connectivity with the GCC, improve economic flow, create new job opportunities and enhance culture exchange, China announced plans to build an Economic Belt and Maritime Silk Road also known as the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). China and Saudi Arabia have had remarkable growth in the past decades. China is now the second largest economy after the United States, and Saudi Arabia is emerging as the largest economy in MENA. With that, China and Saudi Arabia share complementing factors enabling policymakers to increase bilateral relations between both countries in effort to increase economic growth and diversification.

To highlight increased connectivity between Saudi Arabia and China, GPCA released a new report on one of the leading hot industry topics – the Saudi-Sino economic relations.  ‘China-Saudi Relations’ is a GPCA report that analyzes the current bilateral relations between Saudi Arabia and China through the lens of the chemical industry. The report also investigates the potential impact of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) on trade, investment, joint ventures and research and innovation capabilities building. It highlights the impact of the BRI, particularly on the chemical industry. Therefore, aims at stimulating discussions between chemical industry players and stakeholders, including investors, chemical producers, policy makers, academia and industry associations.

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