China is moving quickly to become the World’s largest economy replacing the United States by 2030. Two major factors will shape China’s future trade relations with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the ongoing US – China trade war, and the Belt and Road (BRI) Initiative announced in 2013.

The  ‘up-to-the-minute’ GPCA report titled “China – Saudi Relations: Through the Lens of the Chemical Industry” looks at the impact of these factors on the Chemical Industry in Saudi Arabia, with China’s imports accounting for 25% of the total Saudi exports, dominated by petrochemical intermediates and polymers.

China and Saudi Arabia in the Global Arena

This section sheds light on the growing interdependency between China, as the world’s largest oil importer, and Saudi Arabia as the world’s largest oil exporter, as well as highlighting their current economic status.

  1. China and Saudi Arabia’s Position in the Global Petrochemical Sector

GPCA’s report zooms in on the booming petrochemical sector in these two major economies and their role in reshaping the balance in the industry globally.

  1. Current Sino-Saudi Bilateral Relations: Trade

GPCA looks at the growing need to strengthen trade through two-way relations, as the composition of Saudi exports to China shifts towards petrochemical intermediates.

  1. Current Sino-Saudi Bilateral Relations: Chemical Joint Ventures

The report lists the major Saudi – Chinese petrochemical projects in the downstream oil sector.

  1. Potential Impact of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) on Sino-Saudi Relations

The report provides projections of the strategic impact of BRI on China – Saudi relations in the chemical sector.

  1. Impact of US-China Trade War on Sino-Saudi Relations

The US – China trade war is expected to have a direct impact on Chinese chemical imports, pushing the Asian country to seek alternative trade partners.

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