The GCC chemical industry is a key sector in the GCC and an essential part of the region’s economic activity. Reporting and analyzing the chemical sector are vital in order to understand the current state and position of the GCC chemical industry regionally and globally. ‘Pulse of the Chemical Industry’, GPCA’s rebranded flagship Facts and Figures report, provides a yearly check on the “pulse” of the chemical industry. It is designed to aid policymakers, producers and industry leaders in understanding the current state of the GCC Chemical sector.

In developing ‘Pulse of the Chemical Industry’, GPCA worked with 35 full member companies to collect important industry information. The report highlights the GCC chemical industry’s strong performance in 2018 and the region’s resilience to global fluctuations. The Pulse of the Chemical Industry report analysis is organized into six sections: profile of the GCC chemical industry, socio-economic impact, trade development, global competitiveness, investment and R&D. Through this report, GPCA aims to deepen understanding and drive insight on the GCC Chemical industry’s performance and position.