Headquartered in Singapore, Integra is a leading global petchem company, with offices in Houston, Brussels, Zug, Fribourg, Riyadh, Delhi, Seoul, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai & Shenzhen.Founded in 1989 in Europe, the company handles a wide range of petrochemicals gases, aromatics and petrochemical liquids.

In 2018, our owners reached an agreement with Qixiang Tengda Supply Chain, part of Cedar Holdings Group, one of the largest private Chinese companies, ranked No. 15 in China and 361 on the Forbes Global 500 companies list to invest in the company.

Since QXTD/Cedar became an Integra shareholder, the company has announced construction in China of a PDH plant, HPPO and Nylon 6 intermediates as well as purchase and expansion of an LPG terminal as well as developing an LNG terminal The company’s Chinese product portfolio includes SBR, MEK, MA, Crude C4, Butadiene and Propylene.

With the group’s plans for international growth and cooperation in C4 and C3 through acquisitions and joint ventures, Integra’s future not only as trader but as part of a major conglomerate is assured.