Amid the need for optimization in all facets of industry whether in Japan or Globally, the Sankyu Group has established an optimal solutions system, through which Sankyu can offer the clients the systems they require by capitalizing on the precise operations and wide ranging experience in the field. This has been because of the unique business expansion, blending logistics with plant engineering and installation. Sankyu is enterprising to be the No.1 Service Provider worldwide. Reliable engineering and networks, consulting ability… by utilizing these values created in the field, the Sankyu Group will link trust to the future.

Sankyu has been successfully conducting overseas business for over 40 years since the inauguration of Sankyu Singapore in 1971. Sankyu has 39 Domestic branches, 44 Domestic Company and 38 overseas subsidiaries. Approximately 40,000+ well experienced Sankyu people are positioned worldwide, fully supporting our customer’s diversified needs.