Since its establishment in 2001, the Saudi Authority for Industrial Cities and Technology Zones (MODON) undertakes the development of fully integrated service industrial lands to the highest international standards. Today, it oversees 35 existing and under development industrial cities in various regions of the Kingdom, in addition to supervising private industrial cities. Currently, Modon developed industrial lands exceed 198,8 million square meters. The existing industrial cities include 3,474 productive factories, in addition to 6,190 industrial, service, and logistic contracts, and more than 435,000 employees.

Modon is based on a specific institutional structure in order to make the most of all the advantages of the State’s partnership with the private sector and the effectiveness of providing industrial land, through a transparent work environment in the distribution of roles between Modon and the private sector. This is represented by distinguish between the planning, supervision and control functions undertaken by Modon and the financing, construction and operation tasks that are usually undertaken by the private sector in a competitive manner.

Modon has succeeded in marketing the advantages and incentives of its industrial cities, which have attracted leading international companies in the industrial field, and many international investments with value-added for Saudi industrial investment. Modon has also made significant progress in the field of internal partnerships and attracting investments exceeding 500 billion riyals to date through 6,190 industrial, service, and logistic contracts covering many industrial and investment activities.