The Company was formed in 2004 as a Joint Venture between Oman Methanol Holding Company LLC, a division of Omar Zawawi Establishment (Omzest) and Methanol Holdings International Limited (MHIL)

The OMC Plant is located in the Sohar Port complex on the Gulf of Oman with access to global markets by sea.The methanol plant and facilities commenced operation in December 2007 and currently produce more than 3,000 tonnes of refined methanol per day.

The Company is staffed and operated by a team of highly trained and competent professionals with extensive experience in the Petrochemical Industry.The sales and marketing of our products is managed by Helm AG. In the global Chemicals markets, Helm is one of the leading sales and marketing Companies supplying the Methanol produced by OMC to industrial consumers in markets around the world.

OMC also has long term Time Charters for two vessels, the Gulf Elan and the Gulf Esprit and the Company’s marine logistics are coordinated by SPI Marine Asia based in Singapore.