Takween Advanced Industries is a reliable partner for local, regional, and international brands… delivering the right chemistry for success.

Takween has given a tangible direction to a transformative presence in the medical, food & beverage, hygiene, and textile industries, and become a global player in the polymer conversion industry. Takween has come up with innovative and cost-effective remedies and developed the highest quality non-woven fabrics products to emerge as a partner of choice for our diverse customers.

Through commitment to our core values, and maintaining a determined path for long term growth, Takween’s journey since inception in 1993 has been one of steady expansion. In 2010, the company converted to a closed joint stock company named “Takween Advanced Industries” with a share capital of SAR 97,539,000. The company obtained the required regulatory approvals from the CMA and listed 30,000,000 ordinary shares in Tadawul on 07/02/2012 through an IPO, offering 30 per cent of the shares for public subscription, and by late 2013, the capital was raised to SAR 350,000,000. In 2014, Takween took a major step in expanding its business activities through the acquisition of the entire operation of Savola Packaging Systems. This expansion increased Takween share in the plastic packaging field and became one of the leaders in the region. In 2016, the Company’s increased its capital to SAR 950,000,000 through a rights issue of 60,000,000 ordinary shares.

And today, we have over ten factories located across Saudi Arabia as well as Egypt. The state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities provides a one-stop-shop solution for some of the big names in FMCG and lubricant sectors. Such trust shown by these leading brands provides a clear evidence of the stringent quality control at every stage of the production process.