Arabian Chemical Terminals Ltd. (ACT) was established in 1985 by three Saudi family owned companies, in collaboration for management with Mobil Saudi Arabia (now ExxonMobil). The management collaboration with Mobil Saudi Arabia ended in 2000, and today Reza Investment, the majority shareholder, manages the company from its Jeddah office.

ACT erected and commissioned the first ever commercial liquid chemical bulk storage terminal in Saudi Arabia. The facility was built in Yanbu on the western coast, connecting the Red Sea.  In July 2012, ACT commissioned its second tank terminal in Jubail, on the Eastern coast of Saudi Arabia connecting the Arab Sea, the region’s petrochemical hub. The tanks are leased to several third parties and allows for export and import with distribution of liquid chemicals and minerals to the market in bulk form.  Domestic distributions are managed with road-tankers, ISOs, IBCs and drumming.