The petrochemical complex of Bistoun is located at the northeastern of the Kermanshah city in a plot of land covering 63 hectares.

The basic engineering of project has been done by Axens and detail engineering and procurement of equipment have been done by joint of two Spanish and Iranian companies (Tecnicas Runidas (TR) from Spain & Enershimi from Iran).

The main stream feeds of plant are kerosene and benzene by rate of 386000 and 19000 tons/year respectively. Linear alkyl benzene (LAB) and Heavy Alkylate (HAB) with rate of 50,000 and 6,480 tons/year consequently are the main products of plant.

Besides of the above three by products Light Cut, Heavy Cut and Raffinate are produced by Bistoun Petrochemical Co. which we are able to sell directly or resend it to the Kermanshah Refinery, which is our feedstock supplier.

The total amount production rate of these three is 88 Wt% of delivered Kerosene.