The GLOBE Group is a conglomerate of privately-held companies dedicated to finding practical business-oriented solutions to the world’s environmental problems. These companies include: the GLOBE Foundation, GLOBE Events Ltd., GLOBE Advisors Ltd, GLOBE Communications Ltd, GLOBE Ventures Ltd, Sustainable Events Ltd., Sustainable Media Group LLC, and GLOBE Performance Solutions Ltd. Formed in 1993, GLOBE has helped companies, governments and individuals realize the value of economically-viable environmental business opportunities through our conferences and events, research and consulting, project management, communications products, and awards series. Each of the areas in which the GLOBE Group operates revolves around amplifying the concept that protecting the environment will result in a better bottom line for business. Eco-efficiency is profitable not only for those who devise the solutions, but also those that use them. All of our activities mobilize these ideas into the culminating result of being the first entity to focus on developing the business of the environment around the world.