Established in 2015, Iplast industries – Abu Dhabi is one of the fastest growing plastic pallet manufacturers in UAE serving customers in GCC. Our second plant is in Jubail, KSA.Iplast pallets are used in petrochemicals and in other industries. Iplast pallets are suitable for racks ,4-way entry, forklifts, stacker and hand pallet rack.

For petrochemical industries Iplast plastic pallets are an alternative and competitive to wooden pallets. Sizes :1300mm x 1100mm x 150 mm & 1100mmx 1100mm for FFS bags and jumbo bags. Iplast one-way  pallets are manufactured using 100% recycled Polyolefins from post-consumer scrap. Iplast pallets are environment friendly, sustainable & comply with circular economy plan. These pallets reduce new wood requirement, reduce carbon foot print and serve the purpose of “Sustainable Plastic Innovation: Closing the Loop”.

In GCC where the oil is in abundance and trees are less ,plastic pallets must be used as first preference to sustain green environment.