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The Leaders of Tomorrow (LoT) program is an initiative launched by GPCA and with the support of our members, it aims to build local human capital in the region. Earlier this year, GPCA launched the exclusive Leaders of Tomorrow Alumni network. This virtual group has proved to be a platform for knowledge sharing, networking and collaboration among members of the various cohorts of the GPCA Leaders of Tomorrow program since its launch in 2016.  The aim is to build a community and a strong network of future industry leaders that will serve as a key pillar for the future and growth of the GCC petrochemical and chemical industry.

Through this group, we aim to strengthen the ties between our Leaders of Tomorrow Alumni and leading petrochemical companies in the region. We truly believe that they are the bright future of the industry and the industry’s contribution to this group will play a key role in building the knowledge and skillset they require to succeed in their career.

GPCA recently introduced a virtual mentorship program for Leaders of Tomorrow Alumni to bridge the gap between academia and the chemical industry by a series of structured and impactful interactive discussions between industry leaders and LoT Alumni. The program was piloted on 17th September 2020 with Ms. Niam Sinno, Associate Client Partner at Korn Ferry, mentoring our Leaders of Tomorrow Alumni for the following month.

Ms. Sinno has had a strong relationship with the Leaders of Tomorrow program as a returning speaker and we are incredibly lucky to have her on board as a mentor. Ms. Sinno is a leadership and public policy scientist with a talent for collaboration and a passion for excellence, aspiring to help leaders sharpen both their internal and external lenses. With her deep expertise in a broad range of areas such as organization design, performance management, leadership development among others, our LoT Alumni have had a great opportunity to learn from her.

The alumni had a chance not only to gain practical knowledge from the Mentorship Program through various interactive educational tools, but they also had the opportunity to choose the topic that they would like to be mentored on. Out of three interview related topics, the alumni selected ‘The top 10 things interviewers are looking for’.

GPCA aims to continue to collaborate with industry stakeholders in shaping skills and preparing the future industry leaders with the required skills set through the virtual mentorship program. If you would like to nominate a mentor for the young leaders of the region, please send an email to Aastha Govil at