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The industry is well positioned to capture the hydrogen opportunity that lies ahead and become a leading producer (and exporter) of blue and green hydrogen. Its abundant supply of natural gas, low cost of capital, existing industrial capacity, as well as geographical proximity to growth markets are all key enabling factors for the region to be a world-leader in the clean energy transition and realize its hydrogen production ambition. A landmark development in the history of the GCC was the shipment of 40 tons of high-grade blue ammonia from Saudi Arabia to Japan in September last year.

Featuring Ahmad Al Khowaiter, Chief Technology Officer, Saudi Aramco and Dr. Fahad Al-Sherehy, VP, Energy Efficiency and Carbon Management, SABIC, this podcast explores the role of hydrogen in the energy transition, including challenges to its deployment, through the eyes of the leaders leading the development of hydrogen in the region. It also touches upon the cost of production, what’s the right framework to accelerate the deployment of hydrogen technologies, and the need for collaboration to fully unlock and empower the production of hydrogen in the Arabian Gulf.

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