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The importance of technology transfer and collaboration between the chemical industry, academia and technology developers cannot be overstated. Chemicals is one of the most research-intensive industries operating in a highly dynamic environment. Therefore, having a sharp technology edge over its competitors can afford it significant market leadership.

The industry in the region has been focused on research and innovation (R&I) for decades and close collaboration with research and technology partners has been a key component of its R&I strategy. Chemical companies have built long lasting strategic partnerships which has enabled them to develop or acquire some of the world’s leading technologies.

To discuss this dynamic and highly important topic, Dr. Farhan Al-Shahrani, Head of Strategic Innovation Partnership, KAUST, was joined by Dr. Bob Maughon, EVP Sustainability, Technology & Innovation, & Chief Technology & Sustainability Officer, SABIC, and Dr. Moayyed Al-Qurtas, Advisor, Research & Innovation Committee, GPCA.

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