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Thanks to SABIC it might just be. In a ground-breaking collaboration with Microsoft, the GPCA founding member company has created Microsoft’s ­first product made with recycled ocean plastic

SABIC and Microsoft Corporation have recently announced their collaboration to create Microsoft’s first consumer electronic product with an exterior shell containing 20% recycled ocean plastic.

The initiative is part of a new effort to advance the use of recycled ocean plastic.

According to SABIC, Microsoft’s ambition was to create a plastic resin made from at least 10% recycled ocean plastic as part of its commitment to achieve zero waste by 2030.

After hearing the initial vision for the project, SABIC joined the effort to source the recycled material and to formulate a resin that satisfied Microsoft’s standards.

The Microsoft design team collaborated with technologists at SABIC to provide feedback on prototypes made with the new resin.

The news comes at a key time when plastic producers are stepping up efforts to collaborate with brand owners and other value chain partners to address plastic waste and develop innovative products with higher recycled content.

This project has provided a blueprint to demonstrate to the broader industry that recycling and reusing valuable plastic resins that have been recovered from the ocean is achievable when value chain partners work together, SABIC noted in a press release on their website.

GPCA members in the region are committed to tackling ocean plastic waste by adopting a number of industry leading programs and initiatives. One of these is Operation Clean Sweep, a global initiative to reduce plastic pellet, flake and powder loss to the environment.

It is practiced in 60+ countries and thousands of manufacturing and transportation facilities around the world.

In the Arabian Gulf, OCS is adopted by 24 GPCA member companies, including Sadara, GPIC, Petro Rabigh, SABIC, S-Chem, RSA-Talke to name a few.