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The chemical sector in the Arabian Gulf remains a male-dominated industry. However, over the last three decades the industry has opened up more equal opportunities to female engineers and professionals to not only join the industry but occupy senior leadership roles at the helm of some of the largest chemical companies in the region as well as at the board table. This change has hardly come without any challenges, particularly for the female leaders who paved the way for the future generation of young talent to follow in their footsteps.

To discuss what were some of the roadblocks to gender diversity in the industry and how they were successfully overcome, Dima Horani, Head of Marcom and Membership at GPCA was joined by two female trailblazers at the GPCA podcast – Nadia Al-Hajji, Deputy CEO, Projects & Business Development, PIC; Maitha Al Marashi, VP – Sustainability, Borouge; along with special guest Aseel Al Bassam, Research Specialist, GPCA and Chairwoman of the GPCA Youth Committee who shared their unique experiences and provide advice to young and aspiring female graduates seeking to join the industry.

You can download and listen to the podcast to this page, also GPCA has a podcast channel on Apple and Spotify.

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