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The COVID-19 pandemic transformed the future of work and accelerated key trends in workforce management including, remote work, digitalization, automation, virtual meetings and more. The organizations that emerged stronger and more successful from the pandemic were the ones who swiftly adapted to the challenges and supported their employees with empathy and the tools they need to adapt to the newly emerged challenges.

Abdulaziz Al-Oudan, EVP, Corporate Human Resource, SABIC, took part in the GPCA TV and Podcast in Dubai on 7 – 9 December to discuss these trends and share the SABIC experience. Key highlights from the discussion include:

  • The role of the newly formed GPCA Youth Council in supporting talent development in the chemical industry in the Arabian Gulf
  • Ways in which the pandemic changed how employees work and are supported – the SABIC experience
  • Is remote work here to stay? The impact of remote work on managing the chemical industry’s workforce
  • What can companies do to ensure workforce agility and fostering a culture of cooperation in the new reality?
  • How can young aspiring professionals from the GCC seeking to enter the chemical industry prepare now for the skills needed to be successful in chemical and petrochemical jobs

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