Dietmar Siersdorfer, Managing Director, Siemens Energy Middle East and UAE, and speaker at the 15th Annual GPCA Forum, joined the GPCA TV and podcast to share his thoughts on the hydrogen revolution in the region. The form was held in Dubai on 7 – 9 December under the theme ‘Redefine. Reshape. Reinvent. The Chemical Industry in a Post-Pandemic Reality’.

In an insightful interview, Siersdorfer shared his expert view on opportunities to leverage the Arabian Gulf region’s abundant energy reserves to become a leading player in the race towards hydrogen development as well as the challenges and prerequisites needed to help enable this shift. Key interview highlights include:

  • Enablers to harness the potential of hydrogen development in the GCC region
  • How renewable hydrogen will support the decarbonization of the chemical industry value chains in the region
  • Examples from other parts of the world
  • The progress of technology for the development of hydrogen on a large, commercial scale
  • Key innovations on the market driving hydrogen development forward
  • The need for training and upskilling the chemical industry’s workforce/ attracting new talent to prepare for the hydrogen revolution
  • Challenges to harnessing the potential of hydrogen production and development in the region, e.g., cost of production

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