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The meeting, which took place over two days, was followed by a Process Safety workshop led by industry experts in Shangri-la hotel, Dubai and attended by over 70 process safety professionals.

Safety is a top priority for the regional chemical industry. GPCA’s flagship program Responsible Care® has been helping GPCA member companies enhance their environmental, health, safety, and security (EHS&S) performance through a keen focus on the health and safety of their employees, contractors, the communities in which they operate, as well as on the environment. In terms of EHS&S, key priorities identified by the regional industry’s leadership, Process Safety ranks amongst the top three.

Considering this, GPCA established the Gulf Process Safety Network (GPSN) in October 2021 to enable the exchange of knowledge in process safety and promote collaboration among GPCA member companies.

On 20-21 March, the network met for their kick off meeting to set the pace for process safety excellence in the region. The network is first of its kind in the Arabian Gulf, fostering a platform where experts come together to address regional process safety challenges, promoting the importance of transparent sharing of incidents and sharing knowledge to elevate the process safety management culture across the region.

The kick off meeting was followed by a process safety workshop which was held under the theme “Process Safety Excellence via SMART and VIBRANT Metrics”. The workshop also took place in Shangri-la Hotel, Dubai, UAE and provided a great opportunity for the company’s EHS heads and safety experts to learn more about process safety performance monitoring metrics, as well as share and recommend good practices, exchange learnings, challenges, and advanced applications with other participating professionals.

The workshop program included awareness sessions on best-in-class process safety metrics (API-754). Global and regional experts discussed the metrics’ implementation best practices, key challenges, lessons learned, and its advanced applications.