Developed in collaboration with IBM, this report gauges the state of supply chain digitalization in the GCC region based on a GPCA members survey. Respondents included CEOs, CSCOs, VPs/GMs of Supply Chain, Directors/Managers of Supply Chain and others. The report provides an analysis of the GPCA survey data and a comparison with a global IBM study. The comparison study, recently conducted by the IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) and Oxford Economics, surveyed 460 chemical leaders in 19 countries. The publication provides an overview of digital technology adoption across supply chains in the GCC and globally along with key trends and success stories from the region and the world. It features must-read case studies from BASF, Monsanto, Qatar Energy, SABIC, Aramco, Sipchem and Sadara. The report also offers recommendations and summarizes the challenges pertaining to digital technology adoption which regional stakeholders can learn about, and subsequently implement within their respective organizations.

The survey goes on to identify the main performance objectives supported by the GCC supply chain along with gaps between the importance of these imperatives to the enterprise’s supply chain and the effectiveness of the supply chain function. Furthermore, it assesses the impact of predictive analytics on supply chain imperatives, and places supply chain among the different departments in terms of level of investment in digital technologies over the next three years and the level of maturity in implementing a digital supply chain strategy in the GCC. Finally, it examines the most effective chemical supply chain organizations and their view on adopting digital technologies, their supply chain imperatives gaps, and how they are enabling and managing change.

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