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Beyond the buzz, we ask what ESG means for chemical supply chains and why talk about it now?

The term ‘ESG’ has been around for more than a decade. It was coined in 2005 by the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative in its ‘Who cares wins’ report that encouraged investment in strategies with non-financial objectives. More recently, the term has attracted significant attention by governments, business leaders and even the public, particularly in the aftermath of the 26th UN Climate Change Conference in Scotland in November last year.

The urgency to take action on climate change has never been more pronounced. As industries grew, so did our footprint on the planet. The chemical and plastics sectors are essential contributors to mitigating our climate impact, but just like any other industry they depend on moving their products and sourcing raw materials across the supply chain. As such, chemical supply chains are a key element in the conversation about ESG.

This podcast will seek the views of two esteemed industry leaders about the impact of the ESG agenda on chemical supply chains in the region; some of the key initiatives and projects contributing to supply chain sustainability today; what progress has been made over the years; and how the GCC region benchmarks against the West and the rest of the world. It will also shed light on GPCA member companies’ experience in driving the sustainability agenda across the chemical supply chains at their firms, and challenge companies to move from ‘talking the talk’ to ‘walking the walk’.

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